Trends verlovingsringen in 2021

Trends engagement rings in 2021

Discover the engagement ring trends

An engagement ring is a timeless piece of jewelry that you will wear a lifetime. Yet here too there are clear trends to be discovered, which will differ from year to year. Large, classic or with colored stones? Here are the four engagement ring trends of the moment you need to know before you get down on your knees.

1. Engagement rings with fancy cut diamonds

We have seen this trend emerging for a while, but it seems to be becoming more and more popular not to opt for the classic round diamond. Fancy cuts mean the different diamond shapes such as oval, pear, cushion and marquise. The desire to opt for a unique cut and special engagement ring also seems to be growing in the Netherlands. An engagement ring with a special fancy cut diamond is of course a perfect option. Discover more about the different diamond shapes.

2. Yellow gold is the gold color of the moment

Yellow gold is very popular right now. Look at interiors and jewelry in general and you will see a clear preference for this metal color. Until recently, white gold was often chosen for a proposal because of the optimum brilliance of the diamonds, in 2021 yellow gold is the most requested option. Last year, 75% of our customers opted for a proposal ring made from 18 kt recycled yellow gold. By working with yellow gold, a ring is created with a beautiful and warm appearance.

3. Ethical request rings made from recycled and sustainable materials

We see increasing awareness among consumers and notice that the sustainable aspect is becoming more important among our customers. Did you know that we work with 100% recycled gold for our rings? Choosing a lab-grown diamond also means choosing a more sustainable option than the traditional mined diamond. Discover everything about our special materials.

4. Eternity bands with diamond

Stacking several rings with different designs has been a big trend among jewelry lovers for some time now. And of course you can also perfectly apply this fashionable look to your engagement and wedding ring. An eternity band often has several diamonds of approximately the same size (half) set around it, instead of one larger center stone. As the name suggests, eternity rings symbolize infinite love and that's what a proposal is all about! Our Millie ring is a stunning example of a diamond eternity ring. Combine these engagement rings with, for example, a gold wedding ring and other rings for a fashionable look.