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    Exclusive lab grown diamond earrings

    Discover our special collection with luxurious earrings set with lab grown diamonds . For our collection of earrings we only work with sustainable materials. Earrings with lab diamond therefore not only shine from the outside, but have also come to life in a special way.

    Why choose earrings with lab created diamond?

    Are lab-grown diamonds really diamonds? The answer to this is simple: yes! Compare it to a plant. An orchid is an orchid, whether grown in the wild or grown in a greenhouse. The same is true with diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are optically, chemically and physically similar to mined diamonds, yet with Aurore we consciously choose to work exclusively with laboratory diamonds to work. Our motivation for this is the ability to avoid the environmental and (possibly) human toll that diamond mining entails. Diamond mines have a major impact on natural ecosystems thanks to the excavations. In addition, growing a lab diamond less energy than mining a natural diamond. Discover all about the origin of  lab grown diamond.

    Sustainable earrings made from recycled gold

    In addition to using ethical diamond , we work exclusively with 18 karat recycled gold . Gold is a beautiful material that can be reused infinitely without compromising on quality or value. The gold is first returned to its pure form and therefore has the same quality and appearance as 'new' mined gold. As a result, no quality difference will occur in our gold earrings and we can continue to guarantee our high quality requirements. By using these sustainable materials, we can make rings with a minimal impact on people and the environment.

    Gold ear studs with lab diamond, gold earrings with lab diamond

    We have several types of earrings in the collection: ear studs, earrings (creoles). All earrings are made from the same pure sustainable materials.

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