Verlovingsring kopen? De ultieme checklist!

Buy engagement ring? The ultimate checklist!

The Ultimate Engagement Rings Checklist 

Buying the perfect engagement ring is a special and exciting moment. You are looking for that one ring that she will soon say 'Yes' to and that will remind you of that special moment forever. But if you are not familiar with diamonds and buying jewelry, the possibilities may seem endless. We are happy to help you make the right choice. With our Ultimate Engagement Rings checklist you will know everything you need to know about diamonds in no time and you will be able to choose her dream ring with confidence.

✓ Determine your budget in advance

What should an engagement ring cost? We can be simple about that: exactly what you feel good about. Although there is no hard and fast rule, it is traditional – especially in the US – that a ring should cost twice a month's salary. However, always choose a ring that falls within your personal budget and that you feel comfortable with. That said, it is good to keep in mind that it is a ring that she will wear for the rest of her life. Therefore choose a ring made of precious metal (gold or platinum), set with a gemstone. This way you can be sure that the ring will not lose its brilliance. Our rings are available with different diamond sizes, so there is a suitable engagement ring for every wallet. One of the advantages of our lab-grown diamonds is that they are 20-40% cheaper than mined diamonds. This way you can probably buy a larger diamond for a more affordable price.

✓ Round, oval or pear: the perfect diamond shape

The first decision you will probably make when choosing the ideal engagement ring is the shape of the diamond. This has everything to do with personal preference and her style. Do you opt for a classic round diamond (brilliant) or do you go for a special cut that suits your unique style. Then try a pear, baguette, emerald or oval cut.
When choosing the diamond shape, there are - in addition to taste - a number of things that you can take into account. For example, a round diamond (brilliant cut) is not called the optimal cut for nothing. This cut gives the diamond the most sparkle and is a bit more indulgent than the rest. That means you can select both a lower color and brightness, without seeing this with the naked eye. Discover the different cuts and their unique characteristics.

✓ Understand the famous 4 C's

When you delve into diamonds, you will soon encounter the famous 4 C's. Worldwide, diamonds are assessed on the basis of these 4Cs, which stand for Carat (carat), Color (colour), Clarity (brightness) and Cut (cut). It is therefore smart to delve into this and understand what they stand for. We are happy to tell you more about these typical properties of the diamond . All our diamonds have a minimum color G and SI1 clarity. Would you like more advice about our lab-grown diamonds and the 4Cs? Then book an appointment with a diamond expert at one of our points of sale .

 ✓ Choose your design and determine the gold color

Now that you have found your ideal diamond, you can think about the further design of your ring. For example, do you want a smooth gold band that exudes classic elegance or do you go for more sparkle by adding diamond side stones? Another important choice is the gold color of the ring. Again, this is usually a personal preference, often based on how well the gold goes with the skin tone. A warmer skin tone goes well with yellow gold, while a cooler complexion goes well with white gold. The soft, romantic color of rose gold is also an option. Also consider carefully what gold color her other jewelry has. She will probably wear her engagement ring every day, so it is important that it matches her other jewelry.

✓ Think about your future wedding rings

When choosing a specific ring model and the gold color, it is smart to think about any wedding rings that you may soon wear. The type of wedding rings and the way you want to wear them can have a major impact on your engagement ring. Do you opt for a matching set of gold rings? In order for it to fit perfectly, it is important that the engagement ring has a raised setting. All Aurore rings are designed in such a way that they can be worn seamlessly against another (wedding) ring. You can also check out our Aurore wedding rings collection for matching wedding rings made from 18kt recycled gold.

Costumize your unique engagement ring

If you would like to add a personal touch to the design of your engagement ring, this is certainly possible in consultation with our studio. Our ring experts are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. For custom-made projects, take into account a delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

 ✓ Ring sizes: if the ring fits...

One of the aspects of a perfectly fitting engagement ring is of course the ring size. An engagement ring should be comfortable (not too tight), but certainly not too big, because then the chance that it will turn and damage is greater. If you have the option to measure your partner's ring size in advance, that is of course very handy. If this isn't an option (of course you don't want her to find out what you're doing) then fortunately that's no problem either. You can then propose with a ring in the estimated ring size and afterwards exchange the (unworn) ring for the correct size.

✓ Watch and compare

Now that you are aware of the important aspects of an engagement ring, it is good to start looking around online. Comparing different collections and models for an hour can be very enlightening. Keep in mind which aspects are important to you (diamond type, style, price, durability). Also consider an alternative cut such as a pear-shaped diamond or an oval diamond . Compare a classic solitaire with three-stone rings or beautiful halo rings. In the end, most options will be eliminated for you and the ideal ring remains.

✓ Visit a diamond expert

After studying our checklist you will undoubtedly be a lot wiser when it comes to engagement rings and diamonds and have discovered more about your personal preference. Nevertheless, a visit to our Aurore experts is definitely recommended. You can book an appointment at one of our points of sale at a time that suits you. Also indicate which models you prefer, the store will then ensure that these rings will also be present during your visit, so that you can admire them in real life. During your appointment, the expert has plenty of time to answer your questions and advise you on the purchase of the perfect ring. 

✓ Confidence in your purchase

Regardless of your choice, purchasing an engagement ring is usually a significant financial investment. Always buy from a trusted source. An engagement ring should be worn with pleasure for a lifetime and we are happy to guarantee that. So don't be afraid to ask us about things like warranty and certificates. We offer a 2-year warranty on all Aurore purchases, so if there is a production error, we will solve this for you free of charge. Even outside this period, we will always think along with you to find a good solution.