Luxurious and sustainable materials

18kt gold
Aurore's jewelry is made of 18 carat recycled gold; a higher gold content with a luxurious and warm appearance.
More about our golden standard

Lab grown diamonds
For Aurore jewelry we exclusively use diamonds created in a laboratory. Real diamonds with a different origin. Optically, qualitatively, aesthetically and in terms of (chemical) properties, diamonds from a mine or from a laboratory are exactly the same. The origin does not matter in that respect, but with laboratory diamonds we opt for an ecologically and ethically improved process.
Discover the story behind our special diamonds.

High quality diamonds (minimum G/SI1)
Since every diamond from a laboratory is unique and tested against 'the 4 c's ', we set strict selection criteria for the diamonds we use in our jewellery.
The minimum quality requirement for our diamonds is color G (Rare white - Top Wesselton), clarity SI-1 and cut quality level ' Very Good '. 

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